Tianwen 1 - China's Maiden journey to Mars

Tianwen-1 is the Chinese spacecraft that went into orbit around Mars on February 10, 2021. There was not going to be a live coverage of the event. Andrew Jones, a journalist tracking the Chinese space program tweeted that AMSAT-DL is covering the event on radio. This is where I followed the event.

Radio wave of Tianwen-1 when it re-emerged from behind Mars

Radio output from Tianwen-1 after it emerged from behind Mars. Photo is a screenshot of the AMSAT-DL YouTube live feed

The spacecraft re-emerged from behind Mars. I captured the image above from the live webcast. From the expected time being as expected, it was judged that the spacecraft had reached Mars orbit. Confirmation came from Chinese CCTV4 stating that the orbiter had reached orbit.

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